5 Worst Academic Writing Mistakes to Avoid

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academic writing mistake

Do you want to learn how to write a paper fast while avoiding the academic writing mistakes? Then there are lots of common essay writing mistakes that you need to avoid. Keep in mind that being good at academic writing is essential for every student, researcher, and scholar out there.

Without excellent essay writing skills, it becomes challenging to complete your assignment, and you may be left with no option other than to seek research paper help online. So, what are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid while writing your academic essays?

Here are some of them:

Giving a Synopsis Instead of an Analysis

I have met people who say I want to write papers for money, yet they don’t know the difference between a synopsis and an analysis. The primary purpose of writing academic essays is to create an argument and defend your thesis statement.

While a synopsis provides a quick summary of events or historical happenings, an analysis digs deeper to try and establish the reason behind certain actions. While writing your essay, make sure you provide an analysis of events and support your arguments with credible sources of information.

A Vague or Missing Thesis Statement

An essay with a vague or missing thesis statement cannot express your ideas and arguments accurately. Keep in mind that the primary purpose of a thesis statement is to help readers understand the primary objective of your writing.

Therefore, without a properly written thesis statement, your tutor or reader won’t appreciate your effort and will only consider your paper to be of low value and rate it poorly.

Use of First Person Narrative: Academic writing mistakes

Avoid words such as I, me, you, your, we, our, and may while writing an academic essay. A good research paper should not point to the writer or reader. Instead, it should always point to a hypothetical situation-an imaginary world that is so different from ours.

However, when you are writing informally, then you are free to use these words as often as you like. But for purposes of keeping your academic paper clean, avoid them.

Not Enough Evidence/Facts to Support Your Thesis

Sometimes, you may lack evidence to support your thesis because there isn’t evidence. That means you chose a research topic that lacks background information.

Sometimes, you may have chosen and written a thesis statement in a way that you won’t find lots of facts to support it. Other times it may be because you have focused so much on your ideas and opinions other than factual information.

Too Complex Sentence Structure

It is always good to have complex and sophisticated ideas in your academic writing since it makes it powerful. However, if you try to express simple ideas in a more complicated way, then it makes your work look bad.

Before you submit your essay, make sure no part of it is unclear or convoluted. Pay close attention to dangling modifiers, meandering clauses, sophisticated vocabulary, passive voice, and contradicting ideas.

Remember the fact that the primary goal of your writing isn’t to show how intricately you can write but to communicate your ideas. You want people to read your work and understand it, then avoid such kind of academic writing mistake.

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academic writing mistakes

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