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Beowul f. American Literature.This is the essay prompt For the Midterm you are asked to write an analysis of one of the selections in volume A of the Norton Anthology of English Literature. Any single selection from that textbook is acceptable. You are not required to analyze one of our assigned readings. Remember that your essay should focus on making a debatable claim and supporting that claim with reasons and evidence. Some possible questions you might ask in trying to find a thesis for your essay: How did the author’s situation in life influence the text? Does the text depart from the conventions of the period or movement with which it is associated in any remarkable way? How does the text exemplify the values of the period or movement with which it is associated? What literary predecessors influenced the text? What surprising influence has the text had on subsequent works? The midterm should be 500-750 words long (2-3 pages) and formatted according to MLA standards

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