Distinguishing Features of Academic Writing in 2021

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Do you know how to write a research paper? Have you ever asked yourself what makes academic writing different from other forms of writing?  Well, there are specific rules you need to follow to produce an excellent academic paper.

Even if you were to use essay helper free services, you need to know how to evaluate your research paper before turning it in for grading. You should always keep in mind that the primary purpose of academic writing is to produce or analyze knowledge.

In this post, we look at some of the distinguishing features of academic writing and how they influence academic writing pieces of work from different scholars.


Good academic writing will always assume abundant use of specific dates and figures. Vague statements such as “according to some people” or “a lot of people think that” are not considered good academic writing expressions.

In academic writing, we are not basing our arguments on hearsay but facts. If you want to refer to history, talk of a specific year. If you are analyzing figures, state the figures and go ahead to interpret them.

Without precision, you will make your research paper weak, and nobody may ever take it seriously as it stands in the scholarly world.


We can all agree that written language is relatively more complex than spoken language. Typically, written language tends to have longer words; is denser and features more varied vocabulary. This is what describes academic writing.

It is more sophisticated from a grammatical point of view and utilizes more adjectives and subordinates to complement clauses.  Although some experts on how to write a research paper always insist on using simple language, sometimes it isn’t straightforward, especially when you are writing scientific papers.


As mentioned earlier, academic writing is all about stating facts. Unfortunately, in academic writing, the evidence doesn’t speak for itself. You must find a way of letting the reader understand the kind of evidence you are using to support your arguments.

So, if you have evidence, either cite or interpret it for the reader. When you cite, you are telling what the evidence is, and when you interpret it, you are telling us what it means.

Make sure you bring out how your evidence relates to your argument. Whether you are writing your academic papers yourself or using essay helper free services, the point on evidence still holds a strong ground and it should be appreciated by any anonymous reader.

How to Write a Research Paper: Objectivity

Academic writing is largely objective and not subjective. This means that you need to avoid making personal statements or opinions in your papers. Use fewer words, and the primary emphasis must be on the information or arguments that you wish to make other than you.

This is the primary reason why you will notice a lot of nouns and adjectives in academic papers other than verbs and adverbs. The criteria is being adopted rapidly by the “majority” and a lot is changing day by day. We all need to embrace and adopt change since academic writing is dynamic.
Your writing objective should be profound and it should stand out as an excellent piece intellectually consumable.

Formality and Tone

Academic writing is relatively formal compared to other forms of writing. Technically, this means that you should always avoid the use of colloquial words and expressions in your writing.

Terms such as “sort of” or “stuff” are not acceptable in academic writing. The use of abbreviated forms of words and phrasal word verbs such as “put off” or “for instance” in academic papers is not permissible.

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