Female Genital Mutilation

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Female Genital Mutilation! I have to take a Case Study from my textbook (Ethical Choices, An Introduction to Moral Philosophy With Cases; Second Edition by Richard Burnor and Yvonne Raley). I chose Case 2 on Chapter Two.


(In your essay, the first part should be devoted to your summarizing the facts of the case study, as primarily described in the text itself.
The second part is where you unfold, describe and ethically analyze the case study. What you must do is analyze the case in terms of one of the three following theories: act utilitarianism, Kantian deontological ethics, or virtue ethics (do not choose all three – just one!). In other words, you need to adopt the standpoint of either an AU supporter, a supporter of Kantian deontological ethics, or a supporter of virtue ethics, and analyze the case from that point of view. In this analysis, you are to identify, show, and discuss what the morally right decision would be according to the theory under which you chose to analyze the case. Be sure to give reasons to support your analysis!
In the third part of your essay, you are to take up a critical stance toward the position you established in the second part. This third and closing part of your essay is about your taking a critical stance toward your own position (as in all disciplines, good thinking in ethics not only includes the kind of analysis you are doing in the second part, but also includes some healthy self-critique and examination of important counterarguments, and doing this helps us to see things from different points of view). Think of it in the following way: if a critic were to examine your second part and critique it, how would he/she critique your second part?)

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