Gender Inequality Research Paper Topic Ideas in 2021-2022

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Everyday we do receive requests from students on the quest for which research paper topic to consider while writing an academic paper.  Gender inequality is among the most hotly debated topics in the modern world. As such, gender inequality- related essay topics have become more and more widespread in many college and university programs.

The primary aim of these research paper topics is to educate the young generation of the importance of gender equality and how to combat the problem of gender inequality in different parts of the world.

So, has your tutor requested you to create a research paper topic on women and don’t know where to start? We are here to help you.

Before you place your research paper order, you’ll need to identify a topic and create an outline of what you need from your online tutor. Here is a list of some gender-based topics that you can choose.

Feminism: Irrational Fear of Males

While this may sound like a complicated topic, it is quite easy, and you can readily obtain a lot of information on it. If you decide to go with this topic, then your paper will expound on the concept of feminism and the way it is perceived by society.

How do women view feminism in society and how do men react to it? You might want to dive deep and discuss the socio-economic impact of feminism in the modern world. Then, consider options of research paper topics to choose from.

More of this can be outlined by the article, writing a great essay on women’s right. 

Gender in Workplace Economics: Gender-Based Inequality in Remuneration

Over the past few years, there have been cries of women being underpaid in workplaces due to their gender.  Several studies have shown that if we have a man and a woman holding the same position in an organization, the man is most likely being paid much more than the woman.

This topic seeks to provide reasons for significant variations in payment that is usually offered to men and women for the same work done and offer potential solutions. Whether you are buying term paper or writing it yourself, make sure the discussion sticks to this point of view.

Patriarchy and Gender Equality

A term paper with this topic must strive to talk about the concept of patriarchy from at least two different perspectives and its implications on equality between different sexes. How does this concept affect females and how does it affect males. Does it tend to favor one gender over the other? Does it have a place in modern society? What can be done about it going forward?

A Concept of Gender Performativity

Does this topic sound a little bit complex? It is not. A research paper with this topic should mainly focus on the phenomenon of performativity and its primary role in interpreting gender-related dynamics in modern society.

Take into account the views of different scholars and try to find common ground that suits everybody.  Works by renowned scholars such as Butler Judith should be your starting point.

Research Paper Topic: Female Image in Marketing

This topic seeks to address one of the most controversial gender-based topic in the modern world; use of women in marketing. While some scholars see no issue in the way big companies use women as marketing tools to push their agenda, some people have serious concerns with how this kind of marketing is done.

In this paper, you will seek to support or oppose how companies use women as marketing tools to attract more customers to their businesses. Have a look at the extensive discussion by Business Blueprint in the YouTube video below on the secrets of marketing to women.

Wondering How to Create a Research Paper Topic on Women? We Can Help

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