How Did I Spend All My Money? 2 ways

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spend all my money
Have you ever sat down and asked yourself “how did I spend all my money?” You can’t find anything substantial you bought but you’ve spend so much money that it pains you.
That’s what happened to me in July 2019. I looked at my Mobile money and bank statements for the period between January and June 2019 and I was shocked. I had spent so much money yet I had nothing to show for it. I zeroed in on my Money statement and studied it item by item and identified habits that had consumed so much money. My biggest shock was the money I had lost was as a result of withdrawal charges and bank to Mobile money charges.
My first response was to disconnect mobile banking services to ensure I cannot access my bank accounts from my phone as that was the root of all the problems. If facilitated a lot of impulse spending and had to go. Reviewing my spending actually changed my life as it introduced the principle of “going hard on myself” into my daily routine. I realized my spending habits were results lack of self control, I couldn’t control the body/heart leading to financial impulsivity to satisfy irrational wants.
To regain control, I created a competition between spending and saving. For me to save, I had to go hard on myself on a daily basis, which means refusing to yield to irrational impulsivity and saving what would have been spent impulsively. I started to cut on spending and cut costs to ensure I saved something on a daily basis. Betterment Boss has outline majority of mistakes we do  in regard to our finances.
Correct the habit of “Spend All My Money” in a day
Instead of having banking mobile services on my phone, I memorized by Sacco’s Paybill number to ensure any money saved after controlling impulsivity is send to the Sacco. At the end of 2019, I experienced a reverse shock. When I took my Sacco statement, I was shocked at the amount of money I had saved in 6 months. Remember, the first six months I was shocked at how much money I had wasted.
That experience taught how human beings can be free externally but slaves internally. There is nothing as worse as being a slave of your own body. Lack of self control is the worst form slavery in the world.
Your body wants this, you give it. Your body wants that, you give it. I decided to apply the principle of “going hard on myself” to all other areas of my life. My body wants to sleep up to 6 am. I say no! Wake up at 4 am, lift weights and do sit ups, lazy body! I am walking around the hood and see some delicacies and develop some cravings, but I am not hungry. I tell my body, wait until you are hungry to eat, greedy body! (And I send the money that would have been spent to feed a craving instead of hunger to the Sacco).
I am relaxing in a restaurant in the hood, then a beautiful lady from the hood spots me, dashes to my table and she I like “Sam, I feel like eating fish”. Sam replies, if you feel like eating fish, you know what to do. The lady replies “what?, I reply “You buy yourself one”. I get some few insults and get labelled a stingy man. I smile from the inside and I tell myself “Good job, body! (and sends the &10 USD that would have been spent to impress a random beautiful woman to the Sacco).
That response also ensures she will never again try that nonsense and I also hope she gossips about it so that others in the hood can also learn I am no go zone!
I mean, there is no better freedom than being free from your body and it’s irrational wants. Usepayday is teaching its users measures to take as a rational for saving more money.
You may have the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of movement but as long as you are subservient your body and it’s irrational demands, you are the biggest slave in this world. Going hard on myself has equipped me with the highest form of self control and the freedom that comes with it is invaluable. All aspects life change. It becomes easy to control impulsive behavior, addictions, and irrational wants.
If college students can manage to avoid and prevent more pregnancies in college through the use of the following measures, who are you not to cut your monthly spending?
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