In this assignment, we will apply ethical frameworks to an example scenario

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In this assignment, we will apply ethical frameworks to an example scenario. Please analyze the MODEST PROPOSAL below the rubric by identifying the ethical issues, considering their impact on stakeholders, how to prioritize the key stakeholders, analyzing the issues by considering alternatives, and offering a resolution.  analyzing the issues by considering alternatives, and offering a resolution. If you have prior experience with employment law, which we have not yet covered, you may include those insights in your answer, but need not do so for full points. Focus on the ethics and stakeholder analysis. Information found from weekly readings of chapters 3, 4, and 5 in attachments for references. Additional outside sources are encouraged.

For your submission, please upload a PDF with your memo addressed to the owner in the scenario. It should be no more than three pages long. Write well.

A note on grading. Please make sure you view the rubric and structure your answer accordingly. Please don’t consider a less than “Exceeds Expectations” grade in any rubric category a commentary on the ethical principles with which you live your life!  The MBA program considers the following overall scores: Score Guidance: 5-7: Does Not Meet Expectations 8-11: Meets Expectations 12-15: Exceeds Expectations. A score of 8 or above, per the program’s guidance, is meeting expectations.


Jane is working on a business degree at Boise State University. To help with costs, she works as a server at a small restaurant near the Boise State campus. The restaurant, “O Boise Mio”, specializes in wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas paired with live entertainment. When Jane was hired, the uniform consisted of “nice looking jeans with the ‘O Boise Mio’ t-shirt.” The atmosphere was generally family friendly, tending towards the crowded and rowdy side when a popular live band came to play.

When Boise enacted restrictions on restaurants due to COVID-19, the restaurant struggled. Even when those restrictions were eased, new competition nearby began drawing away many potential customers. Michael, the owner, decided something needed to be done. He worked with a marketing agency to rebrand the restaurant with an edgy theme, started booking edgier bands, and changed the uniform. The t-shirt was replaced with a low-cut, tight version, and instead of “nice looking jeans” servers were required to wear extremely short shorts.

This new edgy approach has drawn in more customers, but Jane feels uncomfortable with the new crowd and new outfit. She is now regularly subject to off-color remarks, sometimes paired with lewd physical contact when live bands come to play and the restaurant is crowded. In fact, the restaurant is so crowded she is nervous about catching COVID-19, which is particularly worrisome as she lives with her elderly grandmother. She has complained multiple times to Michael about these issues. Michael then increased pay for all staff by 5%, calling it “hazard pay.” Jane appreciates the extra pay, but feels the extra pay has not solved the underlying issues.

Michael is torn. The new approach, including the uniform change, is bringing in new business. He depends on the restaurant to support his extended family, the kitchen staff, and the other servers, most of whom don’t seem to mind the new uniform. He feels lucky to have even kept the business open during the pandemic, and continues to hope that public health officials don’t take too close a look at how crowded the restaurant becomes. Michael also feels it would be easy to hire another server in Jane’s place, but feels a sense of loyalty to her because she has been a very diligent employee for several years.

Adapted from a case by Marilyn M. Helms.



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