Overcoming Difficulties in Academic Writing in 2021-2022

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Difficulties in Academic Writing

A quick one, “Are there difficulties in academic writing?” Have you ever opened a Word file to start writing your research paper and spend lots of hours browsing the internet without accomplishing anything substantial? Trust us; you are alone in the struggle.

Are there Difficulties in Academic Writing?

Maybe you are not aware of several distinguishing features of academic writing! 

The truth is that writing academic essays is an extremely difficult task. That is the primary reason why some students opt for pay for essay services.  While paying for your essay to be written by an expert isn’t a bad thing, it helps to understand some of the challenges you face while writing a research paper and how to overcome them.

Sometimes, you may discover that the problem isn’t as huge as you think and all you need to do is give yourself that little extra push.

Why Are Students Scared of Writing a Research Paper?

Difficulties in Academic Writing

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A significant number of students are always afraid to write their research papers due to many reasons. They include:

  • Inability to conduct proper research: Before you start writing your research paper, you need to conduct thorough research. However, a significant number of students don’t go into details of this process which is a big mistake. We can all agree that research is a complex process that requires great analysis and constant improvement.
  • Inability to adhere to academic writing rules: Academic essays can only be managed if a student sticks to the required style and criteria. Many students are always afraid of doing that.
  • Lack of self-discipline: Some students don’t approach academic essay writing seriously. They tend to believe that they can complete their research paper within a few hours and move onto other things. To avoid disappointments, you should always consider going to pay for essay services if you don’t have time to settle down and do your work diligently.
  • Students take to group work: Another common reason why students are afraid of writing essays is that they prefer doing it in groups other than alone in libraries or their rooms.

 While this idea may work, in most cases, it will fail because writing a research paper needs maximum concentration. You may not be able to achieve this while working with other students in groups. Although we expect difficulties in academic writing to be existing, they shouldn’t be the foundation of anxiety in the study world. 

How to Overcome Research Paper Writing Challenges

Having pointed out why a significant number of students are scared of essay writing, it is time to look at some simple tips on how to overcome these challenges. You will become a better student who isn’t afraid of writing essays if you practice the following:

  • Learn the requirements for writing good essay papers. Familiarize yourself with different academic writing styles and requirements. Always stick to laid down rules while writing your papers.
  • Learn how to conduct proper research and synthesize the information you acquire into some meaningful output. This is something that may take you some time to learn, but the best thing to do is to get started.  Read more on how to conduct proper research while writing a research paper and practice what you learn.
  • Always use simple transition phrases to make your research paper more readable. However, be sure to carefully adjust your word choice to suit academic writing style regulations.
  • Learn the differences between reliable and unreliable sources of information. Typically, the following sources of information re considered reliable: journals, textbooks published by respected authors, peer-reviewed articles, and authoritative websites.

James Hayton PhD could be right in his YouTube video above while discussing ways of overcoming the fear of academic writing. He is very objective while answering to the email he received regarding the fear attributed by difficulties in academic writing. 

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