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Parasitology Writing Assignment Cover the following areas when writing about the pathogen that you have chosen and its associated disease: • Introduction/description of the organism • Characteristics of organism o Classification Kingdom, phylum o Mode of replication/life cycle o Nutrition • What are the organism’s intermediate and definitive hosts? (If they exist) • What is the mode of entry into the host? • How does the organism cause disease? Include methods of virulence • Preventive chemotherapy and transmission control • What are the symptoms of the disease caused by the organism? • What treatment is employed? (e.g. if chemotherapy is used, what type of drug and mode of action) • Please include recent scientific research progress in the field or recent research progress that may affect the mode of treatment. (recent is within the past five years) Format: • 12 pt Font • Character Spacing Should Be Normal • Double Spaced • All Margins Must be 1 inch • At Least 6 Citations-Peer Reviewed

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