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In the situation, the concept of the behavior potentials for the volunteers is a stressful situations very tense situations with all the volunteers there on board. After a earthquake just struck in California. In this situation, behavior potentially are the following is the likehood of engaging in a particular behaviors in a specific situation the person or persons will explain will exhibit whichever behavior has the potential. What types of personalities do you think have the greatest potential to become overwhelmed by trauma and stress? Answer: Human behavior meaning affects by theirs contact with theirs environments. In consequence, behavior potential refer as the possibly of a one behavior response nature potrayed at determined to possible increase such as that persons attention of the entire event. According to the situation volunteers, have the heart and intelligence of the trauma. Trauma can be diminish through training and education and tend effective. They work well near partneship with spreading nationwide network of TRN’s. The volunteer are parts of ever-lasting action to help community survive trauma. The best way/method to treat victim of shock or extrema trauma, is by performing, is First Aid Information. In this case, natural disaster, such as earthquake, flood , being a victim. The way a person react to trauma depend on many thing, such a state of shock becoming emotional/upset feeling extremely. Many people can react to trauma very differently to adult and often in a suprise way. The consideration regard potential psycological trauma experience by voluteer response/recovery units by diseater behavioral health response and recovery an Crisis Counseling Assistance. Many volunteer/officers experienced a traumactic event, as well as helping others, volunteer can be a great way to be patients with the pace of recovery and remeber tresponsed to trauma differently. (cite words) in the essay.

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