Trayvon Martin

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Class- for our next paper, you will be required to author an article that is intended to sway the public’s opinion in either a negative or positive way. You will research an actual case that has gained national attention and write an article that sways the public’s opinion. There must be video attached to the article as well!! The article must be a minimum of two pages in length.  We will spend some time working on this together in class when we have down time as we have only 5 chapters left in our eText. Spelling, grammar and punctuation will be counted and marked down if incorrect.






Trayvon Martin: The Surprising Acquittal of the Suspect.

In February 2012 at Sanford, Fla, Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American was reportedly trailed, shot and killed by George Zimmerman who was working as a neighborhood vigilante. The case was racially polarizing, and it inspired various social movements across the United States. The activists were fueled by social media campaigns, tension, and anger that engulfed the black community upon the killing of Martin and the surprising acquittal of Zimmerman by a Florida court. However, while many people believe that the criminal justice system is riddled with racial segregation and social inequalities following the acquittal of the suspect, a significant point of consideration is how the prosecution works in such cases. Zimmerman was acquitted rightfully because the prosecution went for bigger case that they could not prove beyond reasonable doubt.

Trials are not driven by truth but by what the prosecution is capable of proving in an open court of competent jurisdiction. At the outset, the prosecution made a severe mistake by opting to file a second-degree murder charge (Luscombe 1). The prosecution overcharged this case right from the start even though it knew that the evidence in their custody was insufficient to prove such a heinous crime. It would have been prudent for the prosecution to begin by filling a manslaughter charge which would have been easy to prove in this case. According to the law………….(Order New Answer Here).

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