What Car would You Like to Buy and Why in 2021?

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Since childhood, I have had a liking for Toyota Land Cruiser cars. Outstanding features that attract me to these cars include their suspension from the ground, performance, and appearance. I have driven different cars in the generation of these Land Cruisers. I have also driven cars produced by other companies like Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, and Renault among others. While each of these cars has their comparative advantage, the Land Cruiser appears to incorporate all the qualities an individual would need in a car. Specifically, I desire to own the HZJ79-DKMRS – Land Cruiser 79 Double Cabin Pick-Up. The design, technology, safety standards, and performance of this car make me feel it is the best option I could ever get.

The car’s design and technology are probably among the most appealing features. Both the external and internal looks present outstanding elegance. The front and rear bumpers are chrome-plated, and the integrated headlamps are of halogen, making an integrated color match of boldness. It uses 16-inch alloy wheels that have very high specification performance. These ensure that the car is well raised and above obstacles like small rocks. An addition to this advantage is the presence of a towing hook that can attach loads and trailers (Fryatt, 2017). Inside the cabin, there is an adjustable steering wheel with a seating capacity of five people. The positioning of the windows allows total visibility. Other alluring features of the interior design encompass a tuner radio, power windows, air conditioning, a CD player, and an MP3 interface (Toyota, 2019). As I drive this car, I can enjoy some music or even listen to news from the radio.

Performance and safety are other elements I consider when choosing a car. With a 228 HP 4.0-litre petrol engine, the Toyota Land Cruiser will be more than I need. This power presents the performance of a truck, which means I can transport loads way heavier than many family cars can do. The body of the car has been constructed to be as light as possible to facilitate responsive handling. Additionally, the car has front fog lamps, airbags, and a central locking system (Fryatt, 2017). The fog lamps are automated and will go on or off depending on the visibility at any moment. The airbags are also automated to pop to protect occupants in the event of an accident. Finally, the central locking system protects the vehicle when you leave it and walk away.

The HZJ79-DKMRS – Land Cruiser 79 Double Cabin Pick-Up from the Toyota Company is my desired car of all time. While I am stylish and classy, I live in an area with rugged terrain and no piped water. From time to time, I have to fetch the water my family used in gallons. I would like to buy a car that provides the comfort of travelling anywhere and solves the problem of fetching water and beating the rugged terrain. Even in the presence of my friends who own other elegant cars, I will not be afraid to present the Toyota Land Cruiser. On the other hand, I will drive home and fetch water with ease because the car is off-road and can carry substantive load.

In conclusion, the design, technology, safety standards, and performance of the HZJ79-DKMRS – Land Cruiser 79 Double Cabin Pick-Up make it my car of choice. This car is elementarily designed to look sleek. It is has incorporated devices like radio and CD players meant to entertain the driver and passengers. It has several automated safety features that reduce the risks of accident and theft. These include front fog lamps, airbags, and a central locking system. Besides these, it is off-road with high load capacity. These features will solve my problems of rugged terrains and the need to transport load from time to time.


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Fryatt, N. (2017). Toyota land cruiser – the story of a legendary 4×4. Gloucestershire: Amberley Publishing.

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