Why Do Churches Bully Homosexuality And Not Other Sin’s

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Why Do Churches Bully Homosexuality And Not Other Sin’s?






Why Churches Bully Homosexuality and Not Other Sins.

Historically, the church has taught that homosexually contradicts the teachings of the Bible. Christians have spoken with one voice regarding the conduct of homosexuals, calling it gravely sinful. The focus of the Church is on teaching the design that God had for sexuality; the belief that marriage is a sacred union and it is only exclusive for a husband and wife. Unlike other sins, homosexuality is deemed to violate God’s command that sexual relationships should be heterosexual and they should only happen in marital relations.

At the outset, it is the view of the church that marriage is the only place where sexual activity is authorized. The sole reason why God created man and woman is for them to give each other company is a marriage and engage in life-long sexual activity (Locke 127). The Church teaches that those who choose to remain unmarried must not engage in sexual relationships, and they have to maintain life-long, chaste singleness, as they dedicate their lives to the service of God. Therefore, violating these teachings is considered a grave sin that goes against the commands of God

Overall, unlike most sins, the church believes homosexuality contravenes the natural law, and such acts should not be tolerated under any circumstances. According to Christianity, sex is deemed to be procreative and it engaging in it for any other reasons is a crime against nature. A contravention of natural law, homosexuality violates the sacredness of the marriage institution (Locke 129). Any sexual acts committed for any other purposes apart from recreation are illegitimate and grossly sinful in the eyes of God. Therefore, homosexually is treated as one of the greatest sins because it involves sexual acts unrelated to procreation.

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